Saturday, January 5, 2008

Roberts Family link to Archable Roberts

My mother sent a bunch of pictures and information that she and my Aunt Charlotte had located while doing their own research. I've been adding this information to the family tree on ancestry, as well. I've included some picture I had received.

The one below is of my great, great, grandmother William and Permelia Roberts' daughters Eva Roberts Tumbleson, her daughter Irene Tumbleson and Dollie Roberts Taylor.

This is the picture of Permelia (2nd woman) and her sisters. The second picture is of Permelia's children Ida, Norman, Carrie, and Jennie.

I also have started a second tree which details the Roberts family in Ancestry. Hopefully someone will see it and have additional information. I have sourced Paul Heinegg's "Free African American's in Colonial Virgina and North Carolina. I also had the Roberts Settlement family tree documents my mother had gotten from the Library of Congress. By putting the names in Ancestry, I have been able to narrow down Archable's family since he was living in Vigo, in 1850 with the Stewart family. Hezekiah Roberts was living there as well. It is slow going but making progress.

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AJ said...

I love the pictures! It is so interesting to see these captured moments.