Friday, February 22, 2008

The MYSTERY of Emily is solved!

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this blog. Things have been spinning since this time. I was a littled burned out back in January and was stuck with no new information. I watched the PBS series "African American Lives II", and hearing the stories was so inspiring. One of my cousins did the DNA testing and it came back that her mother's, mother, so on was from Cameroon, Africa.

I contacted the Vigo County Library, in Indiana to get copies of some marriage certificates I had found. One request in particular, which at the time I thought nothing would come of it, was for a marriage between an Edward Minnie and Duphena E. Bass, in Vigo, Indiana.

Well, I recieved my copies, which only cost a dollar, and almost passed out!

The marriage record is for an Edward Minnis who married Duphena Emily Bass in 1856. Yep, for some reason he left Illinois and went to Harrison Twp, Vigo, IN and married Emily. Another coincidence is that there is a Wheeler Minnis that lived in Harrison, and was found in the 1850 census, but in the 1860 census his wife and only a few of the kids are in Norfolk, Virgina. Maybe related?

Anyway, to continue:
I began researching census records for Vigo, and come across an Emily who fits the age of my Emily. Her father is Jethro Bass. I was able to trace the Bass family back, I mean way...back in time....well, let's just say I'm now in 1001 AD, in Normandy, France. I thougth I was was overwhelmed before, but now I swimming in a sea of disbelief.

I've found that I may be related to an Earl, a Comte, and the family comes from England, France, Italy, Morrocco, Scotland. So far, I have yet to find my African ancestor, unless the Italian of Moorish/Jewish ancestry counts. He by the way was from a famous musician family.

Anyway, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. The problem with ancestry is that though there is a lot of information available, not all of it is accurate. I will be pretty busy trying to find sources for these possible ancestors and making sure birth dates match. I also am trying to find probate records or any documentation that confirms that my Duphena Emily Bass is the daughter of Jethro Bass, from whom all this information stems.

Wish me luck!

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