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Jethro and Polly Bass- Estate/ Probate Records

The following was transcribed from Estate/Probate records from Vigo County, Terre Haute, Indiana. It is difficult to read and as been completed to the best of my ability. The original copies are located at the Vigo County Library-Special Collections, Title of Record: Probate Order Book, Vol 4, 15 August 1864- 13 May 1866. I obtained these records by calling the library. Their wonderful staff researched the books for me and emailed me with the results. All I had to so was send five dollars and copies of these documents were mailed to me in California. Thank you Vigo County Library.

Court Probate Vigo County, Indiana
Court Probate December 1864 22nd Day
Thursday, Jany 12/ 1860
Jethro Bass Estate
John J. Brake Admin Final Report

? said Administrator and moves to make report herein, which is ordred and he now files his report which upon motions is ordered ? of Record and is as follows to whit John J. Brake, Administrator of the Estate of Jethro Bass, makes the following report of the conditions of said Estate for the purpose of final settlement.

Jany 27/64 (1864) Amt collected of Cornelius Trevan - $7.45

Interst in the same Jany 15, 1865 - .43

Jany 2/64 -Received in Rent $2.00

Interest in the same to Jany 15, 1865 - .12

April 23/64 Received in Rent - $10.00

Interest in the same .40

Dec 10/64 Received in rent $2.00

June 18/64 Received from sale of ? Lot $124.47

? in the same to Jany 1, 1865 $3.75

Sept 2/ 64 Received in sale of lot balance $76.55

? on the same to Jany 1/65 $1.53



By amount of Disbursement $209.60

By amount of Attorney Fees $5.00

By amount of my allowance $40.00 $254.60

Balance due me $259.25

John J. Brake, Admin of
Jethro Bass Estate

? and swore to before me this Jany 12, 1865. JH Blake, CLK,

and said report being examined by the Court, the same is so all ? approved and confirmed and in motion it ordered that said administrator be charged and credited in accordance with said report, and that this Estate be considered finally settled and said Admin be discharged from all further duties and trust herein.

And again ? said Administrator and reports as follows. John J. Brake, Administrator of Jethro Bass, deceased. Reports further in oath. That in order to settle said Estate as solo cut, he procured from different persons a receipt in ? to allow him to do so not claiming any part of the judgment is a ? they held ? said Estate

Samuel Melligom May 31/64


Thursday, Jany 12/65 22nd Day

Michael Bass Jany 3/65 $9.80

James Bell, Trustee “ 3/65 $1.75

Mahan Bell “ 3/65 $2.00

Nelson Bass Consent

John Burten 10/65

John Brake, Admin Jethro Bass.

He relieves also note of Early Wines (possibly Emily Minis), also note of Edward Minis, he was never charged with them and they were worthless.

John J. Brake, Admin Jethro Bass

? to before me this Jany 12, 1865. JH Blake, Clk. And in motion it is ordered that said report be in all things approved and confirmed.

Polly Bass Estate

John J. Brake, Admin- Final Report

? Becomes now said Administrator and arrives to make report herein which is ordered and he now ? his report which upon motion is ordered ? of Record, and is as follows, to and John J. Brake Administrator of the Estate of Polly Bass, makes the following report of the condition of said Estate of Final Settlement.

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