Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I began this blog because I wanted to connect with family members who are researching the same ancestral lines as I am. I know many of you are out there, and I hope the blog has been helpful to you. Still, for me, it's about the hope for connection.

If you happen to stop by and find this blog helpful, please, let me know by becoming a follower and leave a comment. I would love to share what I have found about our amazing family and not everything goes on the blog. I also can help with research if requested.

In the near future, I promise I'll update posts new information ( I have some wondeful pictures of the children of Jordan and Charlotte Dotson). Genealogy is always exciting, although slow going in many cases. Finding those rare, hidden documents can take time.

Thanks for stopping by. Please say hello.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, my name is Kelvin, an I am a descendant of (as best I can tell) Ulysses Lorins. I have not engaged in any really serious research, but your blog has led me to information that I was able to enter into ancestry.com, which has been really enlightening. thanks for the blog and keep up the great work!

Angie Sandro said...

Hi Kelvin, thank you for saying hello. It means so much to me to know that you found this blog helpful and to meet a distant cousin.

I also have the Sandro Family tree on ancestry.com., so we'll connect there as well. Many of our relatives who are researching this branch of the family are very helpful, so reach out to them on ancestry with any questions that come up.

On the left side of the page a link to Christophe Vanderhogan Landry's genealogy website. He's the reason I have so much information on this branch of the family. So that is another resource for you.

Mike said...

Hi Angie, I am am descended directly from Joseph Marie Landry and Modeste Arthemise Lenormand. My 3rd greatgrandparents are listed in the succession document as Louise Delphine Landry and the late Willis J. Powell. When I first read this document several years ago, I literally became sick to my stomach. How could anyone, especially my ancestors treat other human beings as property. All I can do at this point is apologize for them. We have come a long way but still have a way to go. I enjoyed your post and hope that others will be able to find their relatives through it.

Angie Sandro said...

Hi Mike,
It's always wonderful to connect with a new cousin. Thank you for reaching out to me with your thoughtful post ((Hugs)). My stomach turned as well when I read my ancestors names on the succession document. It really hit home (more personal) than reading about slavery from a history book ever did. It was hard to reconcile that my ancestors could view human beings in this manner. These people, with all of their flaws, are a part of us. If they didn't exist, we wouldn't be here today. It's a heartbreaking piece of history and, unfortunately, we can't change to past. All we can do is learn and teach our children and the generations who come after us both the good and the bad parts of history to make sure it never repeats itself.

Thanks again for posting. If you're just starting your genealogy journey and need any information, I'm on Ancestry.com under Angie Sandro. I did the DNA test and the Landry family was very prolific, lol. You have hundreds of cousins on there with a wealth of information to share.


Liz said...

Hi Angie , I'm Liz. I'm trying to find info on my ancestors and I would love for you to help me if you can. I ran across my grandmother but I'm not too sure if that's her or not. I saw you shared a picture of her as well, and thought maybe you have some kind of connection. So if you can , it'll mean a lot ! And btw just from looking at your info you seem to have a great blog going on. Keep up the good work! It's amazing