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The search for the father of Jules Perrodin Jr. was fairly difficult since all I had was a death certificate. I knew he had been named after his father and was born in St. Landry Parish. I turned to and the census records. I located a Jules Perrodin who lived in St. Landry. He was the right age to be the father of my great, great, great grandfather. I think he is the one. However, since I can’t bring him on a daytime talk show for a baby-daddy DNA test, I have no concrete proof he is the biological father of my Jules.

Jules Perrodin Sr. was born in March 1820, in France. He immigrated to Louisiana in 1839 and settled in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. He was recorded in the October 14, 1850 census and listed his occupation as a storekeeper. At some point between 1850 and 1860, he would have met Celestine Delahoussaye. Jules Perrodin Jr. was born in 1856 in St. Landry Parish.

In the October 20, 1860 Census record, Jules was listed as a merchant in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. And in the 1870, census was the first record of his new wife, Nina Perrodin. The following are the marriage records detailing his marriages.

1822, Southern Louisiana Records- Father Hebert

PERRODIN, Jules a merchant from France m. 20 May 1862 Florentine PIORET (Opel. Ct. Hse: Donations v. 3, p. 13)

PERRODIN, Jules m. 8 Sept 1865 Nina LASTRAPES, wid. of Valery WILLS (WILTZ) (Opel. Ct. Hse: Mar. #2674)

PERRODIN, Jules widr. of Florentine PIORET (Desire & Rose CHAPUI) m. 11 Sept. 1865 Nina LASTRAPES, wid. of Valery WILTZ (Opel. Ch.: v 2, p 339)

Jules Perrodin was located in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census records. He died in 1921 at the age of 101 years. Jules Perrodin and Nina Claire Lastrapes Perrodin had two children. Rose Perrodin was born in 1867. Jacques Jules Perrodin was born in 1870.

On Jules marriage records he listed his father as Desire Perrodin, born February 20, 1777 in Tarcia, France. His mother was Ann Rose Chapuis, born November 9, 1784 in Pouillat, Franche-Comte, France. They had another son known to me, Sebastian Perrodin, born in 1812.

Desire Perrodin’s father was Fran├žois Perrodin, born March 24, 1749. His mother was Marie Jannin or Jeannon, born May 4, 1755, in Espy, France. His brother was Humbert Perrodin, born 1793-1855)

Desire’s father was Thaurin Perrodin, born in 1724. His mother was Agnes Counsanca, born in 1724 in Fleurantia, Espy, France. Her father was Joseph Counsanca and her mother was a Bailly. Thaurin and Agnes married on January 30, 1747.

Thaurin’s father was Denis Perrodin, unknown birth date. He married Marie Joufroy on February 6, 1719.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Jonas Perrodin. I read that Jules Perrodin was married to Auguste. Help lol

Angie Sandro said...

Hi Jonas,
I think I need more information. I couldn't find a record on my tree for Auguste. But I have three Jules and a Jacque Jules, but I didn't research their spouses. Do you have a birth date for your Jules? Maybe I can help.

Jonas Perrodin said...

Sorry so late. I would love to have contact. Let's find a way