Sunday, October 23, 2011

FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY- Show me your pictures

I like looking at old family photos, so I thought I'd share for my father's side of the family today. I also need to update some information I gave a couple of years ago.

Adam Perrodin (1911-1995)

Mathilda Antoine Perrodin (1920-1975), wife of Adam Perrodin

Italia Rees (1900-1925), daughter of Mathilde Narcisse and William Rees.
Wife of Henry Antoine.
Mother of Mathilda Antoine Perrodin.

Corrine Lorins Antoine (1867-), wife of Paul Antoine. Mother of Henry Antoine

 Corrine Lorins was the granddaughter of Hyppolite Lorins (born abt 1805, in France). I wrote an earlier blog post about my search for Hyppolite in To Be Or Not To Be A Slave. Since that time, I found additional information on Hyppolite from the genealogical genius, Christophe Vanderhogan-Landry. I had thought all the children I'd found in the census records were born of one woman. Instead, it turns out that Hyppolite had three mistresses of African heritage. These women were likely slaves given their children were born prior to the civil war.

Henriette Madison bore him four children that I'm aware of. Silesie Lorins, Leon Lorins (born abt 1845), Eugenie Lorins (born abt 1846), and Leontine Lorins (born abt 1850).

His second mistress was Zaire Noel. She also bore him four children. Hyppolite Lorins Jr. (abt 1842-1914) was the father of Corrine Antoine. He married Elizabeth Gordon (born abt 1845). Elizabeth's parents were Henry Gordon (born abt 1815) and Susan White (born abt 1815).

Zaire's other children were Clement Lorins (born abt 1844), Ulysses Poupon Lorins (born abt 1850), and Euzebe Lorins (born abt 1852).

These pictures are of Francois Wiltz, and his sister, Cecile Wiltz Narcisse. They are the children of Francois Wiltz Sr. and Leontine Lorins Wiltz. Leontine and HyppoliteLorins Jr. were half-siblings, which makes them  first cousins to Corinne Antoine.

Francois Wiltz Jr. (born abt 1877) son of Francois Wiltz and Leontine Lorins Wiltz.

Cecile Wiltz (born abt 1875), daughter of Leontine Lorins Wiltz and Francois Wiltz. Wife of Edwin Narcisse
 Cecile Wiltz was the wife of Edwin Narcisse (born abt 1870). Edwin's parents were Marceline Berard (born abt 1835) and Antoine Narcisse (born abt 1833). Edwin was the brother of Mathilde Narcisse and uncle to Italia Rees. Marceline Berard was the daughter of Isidore Berard (born abt 1810) and Constance Chretien.

Edwin Narcisse (born abt 1870), Son of Antoine Narcisse and Marceline Berard Narcisse


Camille Hebert-Thomas said...

Please contact me. Edwin Narcisse looks so much like my Dad, Lafair Hebert from St. Martinville.

Camille Hebert-Thomas said...

Please contact me. Edwin Narcisse looks so much like my Dad, Lafair Hebert from St. Martinville.

Angie Sandro said...

Hi Camille, thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to chat, I'm available. :) angiesandrogame at sbcglobal dot net.